Sunday, 16 December

04:00 Devil's Dancers (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 10pm.] An episodic history of synthesized sounds with Nina Kehagia, broadcast monthly. This episode: The Almost Synth Christmas Special - a fusion of 1980s horror film soundtracks; the obvious, the cult and the freaky.
  1. Live stream
05:00 Fresh Out Radio (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 9pm.] Ben Noble shares his favourite new music from the UK and around the world, anchored in contemporary jazz.
07:00 Nostalgie Ya Mboka (repeat)
[Repeated from Saturday 1.30pm.] Mundele Mafuta presents classic dance music from the two Congos.
08:00 Suite (212) (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 2pm.] A discussion show about the social and political issues around the arts, hosted by Juliet Jacques and Tom Overton. This week Tom talks to the writer Jessica J. Lee, who edits the Willowherb Review – a literary journal dedicated to diversity in nature writing, publishing emerging and established writers of colour. Follow @suite_212 on Twitter for more information.
09:00 The Curtain Up Show (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 4pm.] Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's thriving theatre scene. Today’s guests: Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler from Bat out of Hell at the Dominion Theatre; and Bronté Barbé from Striking 12 at the Union Theatre. Visit for more information. In association with TodayTix.
10:00 Radio Diva (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 6.30pm.] LGBT magazine series presented by comedian Rosie Wilby and actress/musician Heather Peace and supported by Diva magazine. This week Rosie and Heather chat to actress Victoria Broom about what she’s up to for Christmas, a few of The Pink Singers perform a seasonal song ahead of the choir’s annual Christmas concert and singer songwriter Katey Brooks performs live. Roisin Murray meets musician Chloe Hawes and Rachel Shelley meets the team behind Jesus, Queen of Heaven, a play that imagines Jesus as a trans woman. Follow @radiodiva104_4 on Twitter.
11:00 Musical Minds (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 4pm.] An anecdotal history of classical music presented by 19 year-old composer and writer Jack Pepper. This week, Jack discusses the day a performer attacked a composer with their instrument, the musician who was also a medical doctor and made a major discovery about the human immune system, and the composer who dyed pigeons different colours to make their garden look more appealing. Plus a choir turf war erupts when a church music director gets into a row with a local school music teacher over who has the right to use the boy choristers. All episodes can be heard on Follow Jack on Twitter @jrapepper and use the hashtag #MusicalMinds.
12:00 The Ambrosia Rasputin Show
Freewheeling music series with Ivor Kallin. This week’s guest is the veteran improvising multi-instrumentalist, poet and visual artist, Terry Day of Continuous Music Ensemble, People Band and Alterations fame. [Repeated Friday 1am.]
13:30 Arty Facts
Master J in conversation about the real life of the artist. This week: Master J puts some tough questions to Becky Fury. Becky has had five of her plays put on in spaces from the Cockpit Theatre to the Albert Hall. She has won two Edinburgh Festival Awards, run a stage at Glastonbury, was a founding member of the band 'The Refreshers' and she’s tried and failed to overthrow capitalism... on more than one occasion. For more information visit Master J on Facebook. [Repeated Friday 3.30am.]
14:00 Calling All Pensioners (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 1pm]. Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton, addressing issues which affect pensioners across London. This week Bridgit Sam-Bailey, Chair of Lewisham Pensioners Forum, shares her hopes of the borough's mayor protecting services for Lewisham's elderly, and identifies that it is not good enough to just say every elderly person can go to a library if not on-line at home. Plus the National Pensioners Convention calls on the Energy Minister to resign following winter deaths among the UK’s older population reaching "the highest figure since the 1975–76 winter". Produced by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly.
15:00 The Relatively Good Radio Show
Cousins Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt celebrate the capital's past, present and future in the show where everything is live. With regulars Buffalo Bill, Alex The Greek and Mickey Science. [Repeated Wednesday 7am.]
16:00 Definitely Dylan
Taking Tom Waits' description to heart - “Dylan is a planet to be explored” - Laura Tenschert presents a series dedicated to the planet that is Bob Dylan and his musical and cultural orbit. This week's episode is about Bob Dylan and the Beatles - we'll explore their friendships, the covers, the collaborations, and the rivalry! For more information visit [Repeated Thursday 4am.]
17:00 Sitting with Gianluca
Interviews and informed portraits of contemporary American musicians with our stateside correspondent Gianluca Tramontana. This week: Gianluca's Christmas Special. [Repeated Friday 5am.]
18:00 Tony's Various Whatevers with Matthew Highton (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 11am.] The world's wildest stand-up Tony Law hosts his own madcap radio series.
19:00 Isotopica
Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko. Visit for more information. [Repeated Thursday 5am.]
20:00 Black 2 Comm
A genre free music show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality – often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Visit for more information. [Repeated Thursday 2.30am.]
21:00 The Organ presents The Other Rock Show
Marina Anthony presents rhythmically other, entertaining, perplexing and unashamedly progressive sounds, playing music that uses unusual time signatures, song structures and dynamics - sounds that break out of Western music's peculiar obsession with 4/4. Visit for more information. [Repeated Thursday 8am.]
22:00 Drones of Hell
Ray Kirby presents an hour of Extreme Metal, featuring tracks old and new from the last three decades. For more information visit [Repeated Wednesday 2.30am.]
23:00 framework
A programme consecrated to field recording, phonography, and the art of sound-hunting, presented by Patrick Tubin McGinley. This week's special year-end, seasonal edition, #666, has been produced in the United States by Mandy Szostek, and is a spoken-word environmental meditation recorded at the graveside of William S. Burroughs. Visit for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 5am.]
00:00 Wavelength (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 2:30pm.] A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. This week: The voice of Alain Cluny in Pierre Henry's Orphée Ballet, competes for attention with complex theory of simple provocations by Braingrainhotspot, Die Christmaskameraden, Tom Recchion, and Blues, Blues Christmas 1925-1955 including the melancholy and disturbing "Junior's a Jap Girl's Christmas For His Santa Claus".
01:00 Sleeping Dogs Lie (repeat)
[Repeated from Saturday 1.30am.] Ambient music selected by Miguel Santos to help night owls relax and canines carry on slumbering.

Monday, 17 December

02:00 Hoenn Sound
A conceptual radio show by SJ Wilson - all vinyl, all 33rpm. But all the vinyl is 45rpm techno (or otherwise) played at the slower speed setting. From pounding, pulsating techno jams to slow, chuggy, mesmerising soundscapes designed for the early hours of the morning... [Repeated Saturday 4am.]
03:00 Bad Punk (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 10pm.] Hosted by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere of Band Of Holy Joy. This week, Nick Hutchings of Velvet Sheep fanzine reviews his favourite songs of the year. For more information visit or email
04:00 Turtle Island (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 11am.] Contemporary Native American and First Nations music from a wide range of indigenous musicians in North America, selected by multi-disciplinary sculptor Andrew Graves-Johnston (aka DJ Droid), who first came across it when researching the Standing Rock protests of 2016/17. Visit for more information.
05:00 Far Side Radio (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 12pm.] Music from the catalogues of Far Side Music, the world's primary source for East Asian sounds, presented by Paul Fisher. Visit for more information.
06:00 From the Archives
Something unusual from the past: Shut Your Eyes to Art from Monday 28 May 2007, a talk show in which the host and all the guests are blindfolded. [Repeated Wednesday 4am.]
07:00 Why is Improvising Important? (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 4.30pm.] The London Improvisers Orchestra is now 20 years old. LIO member and conductor Caroline Kraabel speaks to people who improvise in music, visual art, dance, politics and religion, as well as in life.
08:00 A World in London (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 6.30pm.] DJ Ritu presents the UK’s definitive global music show from London. On today’s show, The Voice of Santur. Persian multi-instrumentalist, composer and music scientist Peyman Heydarian returns to AWIL.
09:00 Novara FM (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 1pm.] A weekly show dedicated to political theory and current affairs, hosted by James Butler. Find Novara on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. E-mail All previous shows are available at
10:00 Clear Spot (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 8pm.] The Politics of Listening. This programme looks at the political dimensions of listening, through sound art and archives. When is listening explicitly about or for political ends? How are listening practices and relationships central to personal politics? What are the politics bound up in the making and use of archived sounds? To explore this, artist and researcher Freya Johnson Ross presents a new sound piece in discussion with potter Elspeth Owen and curator Lina Džuverović.
11:00 Little Atoms
A talk show about ideas and culture, produced and presented by Neil Denny. Each show features guests from the worlds of science or the arts in conversation. Visit for more information. Tweet to@littleatoms. Contact [Repeated Saturday 9am.]
11:30 The Late Lute Breakfast Show
Early music with lutenist Stephanie Feeney. [Repeated Friday 3.30pm.]
12:00 The Traditional Music Hour (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 2pm.] Reg Hall and Kevin Sheils (on alternate weeks) present an informed and judicious selection of recordings of traditional musics from Britain, Ireland and occasionally further afield.
13:00 Calling All Pensioners
Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton, addressing issues which affect pensioners across London. This week: Bridgit Sam-Bailey, Lewisham Pensioners Forum's Chair, shares news of her latest campaign calling for a dedicated team at her local council to provide a staffed help-point. Plus national pensioners’ charity, Independent Age, which offers a free-phone helpline, is calling on everyone to support their Christmas Friendship Appeal and with the story of Mildred, which shows the effects of loneliness can be devastating, especially at Christmas. Produced by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly. [Repeated Sunday 2pm.]
14:00 Suite (212)
A discussion show about the social and political issues around the arts, hosted by Juliet Jacques and Tom Overton. Follow @suite_212 on Twitter for more information. [Repeated Sunday 8am.]
15:00 The OST Show (repeat)
[Repeated from Saturday 4.30pm.] Presented by Jonny Trunk, The OST Show is the only show anywhere dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings. Today it's the last OST of the year, and Jonny is live from Studio One with an incredible collection of lost and found soundtracks and library music from 2018. And a superb competition too! Visit for more information. Email
17:00 Living With London
An exploration of mood, memory, music and the city of London with menswear designer Simon Carter and Dalhousie founder Derek Taylor. [Repeated Friday 6am.]
18:00 Six Pillars
Fari Bradley focuses on choice contemporary Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian sound, art and culture. Visit for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 1pm.]
18:30 Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer
A programme for the American community in Nunhead, south east London, presented by New York comic Lewis Schaffer and co-hosted by American economist Lisa Moyle, with musical accompaniment by The Relatives. Visit ​​​​​​radio ​for more information. [Repeated Saturday 9.30am.]
19:00 One Life Left
An hour-long celebration of everything that's great about videogames. Hosted by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury, the show features the latest news, reviews and gossip from the world of gaming, usually with a studio guest. You don't need to be a gaming expert to appreciate the show - One Life Left offers something for everyone, whether you are a hardcore League of Legends player or someone who's occasionally loaded up Candy Crush. Visit for more information. [Repeated Saturday 10am.]
20:00 Clear Spot
[Repeated Tuesday 10am.]
21:00 The Naked Short Club
Dr. Stu and his expert guests dance around hedge funds, markets, the economy and wider world with psychedelic sounds and poetry. Master Engineer: Chris Dixon. [Repeated Thursday 9am.]
22:00 Polifony
Polifony, with Kristopher Winter, is a monthly programme dedicated to the exploration of Eastern European culture, showcasing a selection of recordings from Slavic roots, old time music, folk, electro-acoustic, sound designed literature readings, soundscapes, experimental, electronic, yass, film soundtracks, classical, contemporary to avant-garde music from Poland and all points East. [Repeated Sunday 4am.]
23:00 Baba Yaga's Hut (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 12pm.] Every kind of music from Krautrock, 60’s psych and crime-jazz to baile-funk, progressive rock, blaxploitation soundtracks, no-wave disco, ghetto-tech and free noise with Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut. For more information visit Baba Yaga's Hut Facebook page.
00:00 The Sounds of DMWSOUND
Panix and Ranking Dan from DMWSOUND demonstrate the music that inspires their sound. Genres spanning from Reggae to Modern Bass music. Keep tuned for the classics and fresh new dubs. For more info visit and see [Repeated Sunday 2.30am.]
01:00 50-50 Soundsystem (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 11pm.] 50-50 Soundsystem bring 20 years of DJing experience to Resonance with '60s, '70s and '80s old skool reggae, instrumental dub classics, and original soul breaks, all plucked from the 50-50 vaults.

Tuesday, 18 December

02:30 The Hello Goodbye Show (repeat)
[Repeated from Saturday 12pm.] Upbeat, eclectic live music show hosted by deXter Bentley. Today: post-bucolic, cinematic instrumentalist trio Haiku Salut and the indefatigable, flourescent art-pop of Kansas born/London based chanteuse Piney Gir. Visit for more information.
04:00 Smashing Records (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 3.30pm.] A series marking Disability History Month. Abs Tripp from DASL discusses how music fires people up to jump higher, ride further and shout louder. This week: Sing along with the Singing Santas! Hear tips on how to get through Christmas, a difficult time for many. Join Abs and Singing Santas John Polenski, volunteer pianist for DASL’s London Stroke Choir, with Richard Pargeter and Tariq Shabeer - both singer-songwriters and guitarists. Plus Kym Kovary introduces her Christmas song 'Bah Humbug', tells us about Core Arts and a new radio station she’s helping to set up in her mental health trust.