Friday, 1 August

13:00 Novara
Hosted by James Butler and Aaron Bastani, a discussion show dedicated to political theory, current affairs and aesthetics. Find Novara Media on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. All previous shows are available at"></a>. [Repeated Monday 7am.]
  1. 1 August 13:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 13:30 27 MB
14:00 Sound Out
Carole Finer presents a range of live music guests - from contemporary classical avant-garde to American old-time - and sometimes her own field recordings from her travels round the world. Today’s show is a repeat from March showcasing the Bucking Mules. [Repeated Monday 8am.]
  1. 1 August 14:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 14:30 27 MB
14:45 Wavelength
A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. Visit></a>for more information or contact [Repeated Sunday 9am.]
  1. 1 August 15:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 15:30 27 MB
16:00 The Curtain Up Show
Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's thriving theatre scene. Visit"></a> for more information. [Repeated Sunday 11am.]
  1. 1 August 16:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 16:30 27 MB
17:00 Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 10pm.] Writer and comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose and writer-director of acclaimed Resonance 104.4fm series "The Letter," is, he’d like the world to know, Available, and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life.
  1. 1 August 17:00 27 MB
17:30 The Sound Projector Radio Show
An "aural appendix" to The Sound Projector Music Magazine, presented by Ed Pinsent. Visit"></a> for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 1am.]
  1. 1 August 17:30 27 MB
  2. 1 August 18:00 27 MB
  3. 1 August 18:30 27 MB
19:00 Literary London
Nick Hennegan explores the literary life of London and celebrates the popular cultural life and literary history of the city. [Repeated Wednesday 7am.]
  1. 1 August 19:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 19:30 27 MB
20:00 Clear Spot
[Repeated Monday 9am.]
  1. 1 August 20:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 20:30 27 MB
21:00 Balling the Jack
Blues and more with Joe Cushley. [Repeated Sunday 12 noon.]
  1. 1 August 21:00 27 MB
  2. 1 August 21:30 27 MB
22:00 Kitchen Magic Time
  1. 1 August 22:00 27 MB
22:30 (...) Such A Nice Radio Show
60 minutes in the eye of a radiophonic vortex - hosted by the Band of Holy Joy. Visit"></a> for more information. [Repeated Tuesday 12 midnight.]
  1. 1 August 22:30 27 MB
  2. 1 August 23:00 27 MB
23:30 Flomotion
The world's best new electronic dance music - from electronica to jazz and beyond - with Nick Luscombe. Visit"></a> for more information. [Repeated Thursday 1am.]
  1. 1 August 23:30 27 MB
  2. 2 August 00:00 27 MB

Friday, 1 August

00:30 The Gravy (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 10.30pm.] New electronic music, house and techno, hosted by Will Ward and Patrick Savile. Visit"></a> for more information. Tonight: Al Dobson jr joins Will and Patrick for a little mix and a chat. Expect new and exclusive house and techno from the boys, and some old classix.
  1. Live stream

Saturday, 2 August

02:00 Baba Yaga's Hut (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 12noon.] Everything from Krautrock, 60’s psych and crime-jazz to baile-funk, progressive rock, blaxploitation soundtracks, no-wave disco, ghetto-tech and free noise with concert promoter Anthony Chalmers of Baba Yaga's Hut, a live night mainly taking place at Corsica Studios. For more information visit">his Facebook page.
04:00 Sleeping Dogs Lie (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 12midnight.] Ambient music for the wee hours, selected by Miguel Santos.
05:00 Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 11pm.] "The soundtrack to the end of the world" - Chris Maume, The Independent. Visit></a> for more information and/or contact
06:00 Rough Trade Shops' Counter Culture Radio (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 12noon.] Staff of Rough Trade Shops share a unique selection of vinyl and compact discs pulled from the week's new releases: careful consideration is given to the ears of Rough Trade acolytes and Resonance listeners alike. Visit></a> for more information.
07:00 Luscombe's Choice (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 9.30pm.] Will Luscombe explores classic recordings of all kinds from a trenchantly philosophical perspective. The final show in a brief series on music released by the Atlantic Record label. Hear tracks by Wilson Pickett, Led Zeppelin and Fred McDowell.
08:00 Bonanza and Son (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 4.30pm.] Martyn Bonanza traces the roots and influence of the pioneers, innovators, outlaws, renegades and mavericks of Country Music and Americana’s past, present, and future. Today: Martyn plays the live session and interview with>Buzz Cason from last week's show. Visit></a> for more information and/or contact
09:00 One Life Left (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 7.30pm.] Video games reviewed, analysed and enjoyed by Ste Curran, Anne Scantlebury and Simon Byron.
10:00 Little Atoms
A talk show about ideas and culture, produced and presented by Neil Denny. Each show features a guest from the worlds of science, journalism, politics, academia, human rights or the arts in conversation. Today: Neil talks to journalist Gaia Vince on her book Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made. Visit></a> for more information and/or contact [Repeated Wednesday 11am.]
11:00 Pull The Plug (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 5.30pm.] Promos and new releases spun and sometimes speared by Johnny Seven. Send your new and/or unreleased to Pull the Plug, Resonance104.4fm, 144 Borough High Street London SE1 1LB or email an mp3 to
11:30 Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 6.30pm.]">Burger Bear presents Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer: the only radio programme for Americans living in Nunhead. Join anarchic London-based New York comic Lewis Schaffer and co-host Lisa Moyle as they bring the world to Nunhead and take Nunhead to the world. With music from The Relatives.
12:00 The Bing Selfish Summer Spectacular
Back in the '80s, Xanfise Koke executively produced "El Frenzy," a publication that lit up the turgid skylines of Pays du Thatcher using the power of wit, artfulness, design and low-level obscenity.">Bing Selfish was deeply involved, and in 1986 released a cassette annexe to the graphic works called "Psst! Wanna Buy a Tape?" Featuring Bing himself, Xentos, Robert Storey, Lepke B, Chris Gray, Victor Lounge, et al, it retailed at £2.50. Fast forward to today and we find Kosten Koper, provocateur, flaneur, dishwasheur, who unearths the tapes, gets ‘em shined up and only puts ‘em out on">vinyl</a>! Xentos, Robert Storey and Kosten Koper are Bing's guests today. [Repeated Monday 3am.]
13:30 Nostalgie Ya Mboka
Classic Congolese dance music of the two Congos with Vincent and Koffi. Visit></a> for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 10am.]
14:30 Sho Nuff
Music show with Luke Macpherson and Josh Tautz.
15:30 Ron's Speakeasy
Promoter, Ron Chisholm talks about his career and plays music from artists he has championed over the years. Starting with the 100 Club and Dingwalls in the 1980s, through to nights at The Amersham Arms in the 1990s and on to his current project,">Ron's Speakeasy at The Duke in Deptford, Ron has a wealth of insight into London's live music scene. [Repeated Thursday 5am.]
16:30 The OST Show
The only radio show anywhere dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings. The presenter is Jonny Trunk, one of the world's foremost collectors and experts in this field. Visit"></a> for more information and/or email [Repeated Monday 4pm.]
18:30 The Truth About Markets
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ("the most dangerous people in financial media") scrutinise the markets. Visit></a> for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 1pm.]
19:00 Hungry Earth
An urban horror radio drama. The last man on the Heygate Estate knows he will have to leave soon, the gangs and the council will drive him out before the summer is done. Before that though he would see his gardens bloom one more time, and he would like to exact just one more act of bloody revenge. Written and directed by">Lance Dann. Narrated by Alan Gilchrist. Music by Hywel Payne and Black Swan.
19:30 Tin Can Review
James Hodder present melodic new music by currently touring artists. Tonight: a live session with Ady Johnson, who released his debut solo album, 'Tell The Worry Dolls,' in 2011 to critical acclaim. His music combines Folk, Blues and Soul with an off kilter pop sensibility. Follow updates on Twitter @radiohodder. Visit>Tin Can Review blog for more information. [Repeated Sunday 7.30am.]
20:00 Free Range
21:30 Sine of the Times
Rita Maia presents the underground of new electronic and dance music. Visit></a> for archived shows. [Repeated Wednesday 2.30am.]
23:00 Free Lab Radio
Sound Art Dance Music Radio presented by Fari Bradley. Visit></a> or></a> for more information. [Repeated Thursday 2am.]
00:00 Grime for the Uncoverted (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 12midnight.] Self-explanatory grime showcase... aka DJ BPM's Girlie Grime Time.
01:00 Adventures in Music and Sound (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 1am.] New music brought to you by the team behind The Wire magazine. Tonight: Daisy Hyde plays her favourite tracks from various compilation albums. Visit></a> for more information and/or contact

Sunday, 3 August

02:30 Dig That Treasure (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 10.30pm.] William Hall explores recordings that have slipped away or simply been overlooked. For more information visit”>digthattreasure</a>.
03:00 Abject Bloc (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 11pm.] New series of the "hour of strangeness... ear-shattering, mind-stretching music, or noise, whichever you prefer. John Cage would have loved it" - The Independent. Hosted by " "[sic] Tim Goldie and John Wild. Tonight special guest Stan Everett talks about Rock Against The Rich. Visit">Abject Blog for more information.
04:00 Is Black Music (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 12midnight.] The world's first Alternative Black Music Show, with Art Terry.
05:00 The Wrong Show (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 11.30pm.] Orlando Harrison presents a travesty of unlistenable detritus. Today: With The Man from the Bermuda Test Transmission Broadcasts.
05:30 Very Loose Women Revamped (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 10.30pm.] Emma Grinfeld, Katherine Johnston and friends discuss young women’s issues: sex, menstruation and social situations, as well as news. Today: Classicist Naomi Scott discusses obscene women and language in Aristophenes' plays and, in an interview recorded at Port Eliot festival, poet Clare Pollard talks about her poetic translation of Ovid's Heroides. For more information, visit"></a>.
06:00 Radia (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 10.30pm.] Every week the award winning Radia - a radical group of independent cultural radio stations which includes Resonance104.4fm - presents a new show realised by one of the members of its wide-ranging global network. Today: Show 485, Martin Anastasovski – Kyotech, is from Kanal103, Skopje. Macedonia.
Visit"></a> for more information..
06:30 Six Pillars To Persia (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 7.30pm.] An English language show with Fari Bradley focused on traces of the Persian Empire and contemporary Iranian and Middle Eastern culture. Radio Lajee - audio made by Palestinian youth refugees at the Aida refugee camp, aged 11 to 22 years. The camp is 2 kilometers north of Bethlehem, 1 kilometer north of Beit Jala in the central West Bank. The independent project aims to provide the refugee youth with the skills necessary to create a weekly, English language podcast. Visit></a> for more information.
07:00 Down The Rabiit Hole (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 5pm.] Katherine Woodfine, Melissa Cox and guests discuss children's literature. Today's special guest is writer Matt Haig.
07:30 Tin Can Review (repeat)
[Repeated from Saturday 7.30pm.] James Hodder present melodic new music by currently touring artists. Tonight: a live session with Ady Johnson, who released his debut solo album, 'Tell The Worry Dolls,' in 2011 to critical acclaim. His music combines Folk, Blues and Soul with an off kilter pop sensibility. Follow updates on Twitter @radiohodder. Visit>Tin Can Review blog for more information.
08:00 Farside Radio (repeat)
[Repeated from Wednesday 12noon.] Music from the catalogues of Far Side Music, the world's primary source for East Asian sounds, presented by Paul Fisher. Visit></a> for more information.
09:00 Wavelength (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 2.45pm.] A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. Visit></a>for more information or contact
10:00 Tour du Tape Omnibus (repeat)
[Repeated from Tuesday 6.30pm.] All four programmes by Leon Gower, covering the Tour de France from the perspective of the roadside spectator.
11:00 The Curtain Up Show (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 4pm.] Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's thriving theatre scene. Visit"></a> for more information.
12:00 Balling the Jack (repeat)
[Repeated from Friday 9pm.] Nu-blues and more with Joe Cushley.
13:00 Latin Waves
Latin American contemporary culture explored - in Spanish and English - by critic and producer Javier Chandia. Visit><a/> for more information. [Repeated Wednesday 5am.]
14:00 Calling All Pensioners (repeat)
[Repeated from Monday 1pm]. Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton and Harry Haward, featuring issues which affect pensioners across London, presented by South London's Deptford Action Group for the Elderly. Today: Barbara Banks and Barbara Raymond enthuse abot DAGE’s recent outing to Margate. Harry rages about the government charging pensioners to ring premium rate numbers for the Department for Work and Pensions’ helplines. Visit></a> for more information.
15:00 The Relatively Good Radio Show
Cousins Richard Guard and Anna Crockatt celebrate the capital's past, present and future in the show where everything is live. With regular guests Buffalo Bill, Alex The Greek and Mickey Science. [Repeated Tuesday 8am.]
16:00 The Honeydripper
Anne Frankenstein presents an hour of rare rhythm & blues, ska, mambo, soul and exotica treasures. [Repeated Friday 1am].
17:00 Studio Visit
Studio Visit is an hour-long in depth interview based programme, presented by Morgan Quaintance, featuring international contemporary artists, writers, musicians and graphic novelists as guests. This week, guests including artist Rachel Reupke, curator Shoair Mavlian, writer John Douglas Millar, and writer and curator Helen Kaplinsky talk about this year's art world highlights so far. [Repeated Tuesday 1am.]
18:00 Speakers' Corner
Recordings of voices, meetings, views, and soundscapes from in and around Speakers' Corner, the world's oldest location for free speech. [Repeated Wednesday 6.30am.]
18:30 Ireland's Eye
The latest from the Irish country music scene plus requests, news and more. With Johnny Jameson. Contact [Repeated Wednesday 8am.]
19:30 Hooting Yard on the Air (repeat)
[Repeated from Thursday 3pm.] Live, leftfield fiction with prodigious author-in-residence Frank Key. Visit></a> for more information.
20:00 Black 2 Comm
A music radio show about connections, produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality - often leading to unlikely musical pairings. Website:"></a> Twitter:">@black2comm</a> Facebook:"></a>... make the connection! [Repeated Friday 2am.]
21:00 The Organ presents The Other Rock Show
Rhythmically other, entertaining, perplexing and unashamedly progressive sounds, presented by Marina of The Organ 'zine, The Other Rock Show only plays music that uses unusual time signatures, song structures and dynamics - sounds that break out of Western music's peculiar obsession with 4/4. Visit"></a> for more information. [Repeated Friday 3am.]
22:00 Drones of Hell
Ray Kirby presents an hour of Extreme Metal, featuring tracks old and new from the last three decades. For more information visit></a>. [Repeated Friday 4am.]
23:00 framework
The best from a world of field recordings, curated by Patrick McGinley. Today: Last in the series produced by regular contributor D.L. Lutz. Visit></a> for more information and/or contact [Repeated Tuesday 3am.]